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Residential and Commercial Wallpapers in Fort Myers, FL

Using wallpaper is one of the most effective, time proven techniques used to beautify any home or business space. When properly chosen and installed, wallpaper can transform a neutral or problematic space into a statement of luxury or beauty, professionalism or elegance, and is a key feature of any interior design. Wallpaper can be purchased with stunning designs or it can lend a sense of hominess and comfort, in simple or bold colors, and can even be purchased in plain rolls that can be painted over. There are wonderful textured designs and papers made of innovative fabrics and natural grasses that can give a room any look you want.

Wallpaper prints are designed via a number of techniques such as surface printing, silkscreen printing, and digital printing. All wallpaper is designed based on 17 basic patterns called wallpaper groups.

Generally wallpaper comes in rolls, bolts, and borders, and it must be installed with skill and great care. Installers hang the wallpaper by utilizing wallpaper paste to adhere the covering to interior walls, and they must be careful not to use too much or too little.


Additionally, different papers require different types of paste, and it takes the expertise of a knowledgeable installer to match the correct paste to the paper.

Wallpaper comes in many forms, including vinyl coated paper, cloth backed vinyl, and many other varieties.

When hanging wallpaper, it is extremely important to make precise measurements allowing for edging of doors, windows, outlets, and any other impediments.

Improper measurements or hanging techniques can ruin the wallpaper and destroy the look of your room. That's why it is so important to use a skilled, experienced installer. I take great care when it comes to measuring, cutting, edging and hanging. It makes a huge difference in the outcome and in the appearance of the room itself.

Properly preparing the walls before hanging wallpaper is also extremely important, and the actual wallpapering process itself must be done completely and correctly to avoid any rippling or wrinkling in the wallpaper upon completion. Likewise, wallpaper removal must also be done with great care, and the use of a skilled professional is essential for proper results.


Residential Hanging & Removal
You spend a great deal of time in your home. A fresh wallpaper can contribute to a bright and vibrant atmosphere!
Commercial Hanging and Removal
Simply applying a new wallpaper can completely change the way your office looks.
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